Reporting Unfair Treatment at Work

When it comes to issues in the workplace, employees may be hesitant to alert supervisors or others about problems with other employees and management for fear of retaliation or judgment. In some cases, people are afraid to voice problems or concerns because they do not wish to cause trouble in their office or do not want to be viewed in a negative light.

Unfortunately, failure to report unfair treatment or incidents in the workplace can lead to an unhealthy environment. If you feel uncomfortable in your place of business, productivity and teamwork can decrease dramatically. Most offices have programs available for workers to bring up problems and take action to make sure everyone is being treated fairly and with respect. If you would like to know more about legal options for addressing unfair treatment at work, contact the San Antonio employment lawyers of Melton & Kumler at 1-800-681-6932.

Reporting Incidents at Work

If you need to report an incident at work, most offices provide:

  • “Open door” policies for supervisors to handle issues
  • Human resource professionals to help with problems
  • Third-party consulting services
  • Mediation services

When it comes to workplace complaints, employees should be free to voice their concerns and problems without fear of retaliation or other negative consequences. If you have been the victim of discrimination, retaliation, or unfair practices in the workplace, you may be eligible to pursue legal action.

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The San Antonio employment lawyers of Melton & Kumler, LLP are here to help you seek justice if you have been unfairly treated by your employer. Contact us at 1-800-681-6932 to discuss your legal options.

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