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The widespread problem of sexual harassment in the workplace has only come to the public’s attention in the last few decades. In that time, great strides have been made to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, despite being illegal, sexual harassment remains a common problem.

If you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances at work, contact San Antonio sexual harassment lawyers Melton & Kumler, LLP. We are dedicated to helping all of our clients maintain their civil rights at work. Our offices can be reached by calling 800.681.6932.

What does Sexual Harassment Look Like?

When most people hear this term, they think of a male employer assaulting a subordinate female worker. The truth is that sexual harassment can come in many different forms. The offender and victim can each be male or female. The offender may be above, below, or equal to the victim on the corporate hierarchy.

Sexual harassment can be blatant or subtle, a one-time occurrence or a pattern of behavior. In severe cases, the victim may be intimidated into quitting his or her job, which is called constructive discharge.

Legally, sexual harassment is generally divided into two basic kinds. Contact a San Antonio sexual harassment lawyer if you have experienced:

  • Quid pro quo: This is a Latin expression similar to “tit for tat.” Offering an employee or co-worker some kind of benefit (a job, promotion, etc) in exchange for a sexual act is a form of harassment. It does not matter how the victim reacts, even if he or she accepts the offer. It is never acceptable for anyone to make this kind of offer at work.
  • Hostile work environment: When sexual harassment is a pervasive, persistent problem in a workplace, it is called a hostile work environment. The harassment may include vulgar language or gestures, physical assault, the display of offensive materials, or more. Management can be held responsible for failing to stop this kind of workplace behavior.

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If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, you need to speak out about your experiences. It will not only help you win fair compensation, but it can protect other employees from the same treatment. To discuss your case with experienced San Antonio sexual harassment attorneys Melton & Kumler, LLP, contact us at 800.681.6932.

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