Our in-depth knowledge on all issues relating to employment, labour and pension law is unrivalled and we don’t just share our expertise within our network. What sets us apart is that we also make our know-how accessible outside of our internal network. In fact, through , every client has access to an information portal that can be used on a desktop,  with some resources available through tablets and phones. This online resource provides extensive information, tools, videos, articles and publications to help you manage your global workforce.


HR law articles

Keep up to date with our latest employment, labour and pension related advice. Ius Laboris articles offer industry news and key market insights along with our expert analysis.

Legal Handbooks


Here you will find our publications on Immigration, Economic and Organisational Dismissals, Individual Dimmisals across Europe and Non-Compete Convenants.

Global HR Guide

Global HR Law Guide

We understand the importance of accessible information that enables you to make informed decisions and perform better. Our Global Guide gives members access to information on employment, labour and pensions laws across multiple jurisdictions.


interactive guides

Our series of global employment law magazines, including low performance management, internal investigations, managing serious work accidents and social security, act as a helpful guide for HR professionals and legal counsel alike.



Through our videos you can learn more about Ius Laboris, including both firm members and people. We also give you access to symposiums in which we address issues in the fields of employment, labour and pensions law.

GDPR Compliance Tool


Are you thinking of doing an audit for GDPR purposes? Find out all about our GDPR Compliance Tool here.